Our Carpet Cleaning Company Knows a Few Secrets That We Are Willing to Share with You!

You probably already know that carpets and rugs need to be cleaned by a professional every once in a while. However, there are several tricks you can use to make sure you are maintaining your rugs properly in order to limit the amount of annual bookings with a carpet cleaning company.

  • Regular vacuuming. It is a good way to start taking care of your rugs. You should use a beater bar or a rotating brush vacuum on your rugs backside, and vacuum the topside. This way you will push the trapped dirt from the rug. If your rug is synthetic, you can use the beater and rotating brush on its topside as well.
  • Never vacuum the tassels! If you vacuum the fringes of your rug, you risk to get the tassels sucked in. The fringes will be just fine without receiving any treatment. You can fluff them by hand, and that will be sufficient. Any other treatment may damage your rug.

Choose your carpet shampoos and sprays carefully! Using a shampoo that is otherwise perfect for your synthetic carpets can cause damage to your natural or woolen rug. Most rugs are, in fact, natural which makes them more sensitive to most cleaning products, especially the ones which contain chemicals or bleach. Check the label before using a spot cleaner or another washing product, and make sure they are suitable for your rug.

Clean any stains or spills over your rugs as soon as you see them. Unless you want to call a carpet cleaning company, you should clean any spills or stains as soon as you possibly can. You can use a white cotton towel to absorb the spill. Select a product that is suitable for the stain, and make sure you clean the spot gently. Do not rub in circles to prevent damaging your rugs. For red wine spills, grease, food stains, blood, and ink, you can use a hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with liquid dish-soap, which you apply on a cotton towel and blot.

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