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Brothers Carpet Service is working as a carpet & upholstery cleaning company for over 30 years. We strive to provide our customers the carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning services they are looking for in Costa Mesa, CA. This is the reason they prefer our company and they stay with us during the years.


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Carpet cleaning in Costa Mesa, CA


Carpet cleaning helpWhen washing we recommend to do so with a rather limited amount of water, especially when that concerns hypoallergenic cleaning by a carpet cleaning service which our company provides in Costa Mesa, CA. That way we give your carpets the chance to dry up in a matter of a few hours instead of a few days. That’s done to prevent forming and growth of mold, as well as limiting the attraction of dust to the still moist surface of the carpets which is often the case with more traditional carpet cleaning services. By achieving prevention for the growth of mold, brings you on a path retaining not only a cleaner home, but one that’s free of all allergen inducing dangers. So if you are looking for carpet cleaners in Costa Mesa, CA, you can always contact Brothers Carpet Service and our professional staff will provide you the services you need – from carpet cleaning to tile and grout cleaning.

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Rug cleaningRug cleaning is definitively one of the more important tasks to making the home look its best. You will need to clean the rugs quite regularly in order to keep them in top condiion. When you have a home in Costa Mesa, CA, having quality rug cleaning help will allow you to efficiently make their rugs look great and appealing to others. The process of rug cleaning relies on using machines and detergents which aid the dissolvance and washing out all any sort of dirt and other contaminants of the rug. At Brothers Carpet Service we use one of the most popular and efficient carpet cleaners. With all these tools you will have an easy time keeping your rug clean.

Upholstery cleaning in Costa Mesa, CA

Having your furniture look its best is a great way to make lasting impressions on visitors in your office or home. A cost-efficient way to keep old furniture look fresh and clean is by regular upholstery cleaning. We urge residents in the Costa Mesa, CA area to call our excellent carpet cleaning company, Brothers Carpet Service, today to schedule a consultation today. With our excellent carpet & upholstery cleaning services, we will have you enjoying a relaxing time into your furniture by no time. There is no need to worry about the carpets, tile and grout cleaning services. Just contact our company and our trained and experienced technicians will help you to make your home cleaner and cosy.

carpet vacuumingUsing the cleaning services of Brothers Carpet Service is the solution to your concerns for thriving in a healthy home or work environment. Our professionally trained staff are hard working, skilled and honest individuals. Everyone who is working for Brothers Carpet Service is a person which strives to do the work in the best possible way. All of us always want to provide you the services you expect from us. We use only environment friendly eco-green cleaning supplies that are both non-harmful for the air or furnishings and structures of your home or office. We provide the required amount of cleaners on a certain task which assures, that both small or large facilities, will be met with an adequate and professional work-force. Brothers Carpet Service works with you and for you to meet your requirements and as your schedule allows us to perform, without disturbing you. In addition to that we provide the necessary supplies and/or equipment that a reliable cleaning service must rely on. And out insightful blog is widely available to any and all visitor of our website!

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Amazing carpet cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning by Brothers Carpet Service is very affordable and professional service! They were so nice when they clean my carpets, so thankful! Highly recommend!

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